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  1. The modern secondary and tertiary industries were established by recruiting people from the local village societies , which were places of the hyakusho rank ' s activities , and a concept emerged that people who were engaged in conventional vocations in comparison with modern vocations were hyakusho .
  2. It was a representative variety of sakamai of niigata prefecture until the beginning of the showa period , and the record of kanpyokai in this district at the beginning of the showa period recorded an evaluation of shirafuji that is feminine in comparison with kame no o , which was masculine , but it became extinct once in the 1930s .
  3. Moreover , " doeff halma " was revised and reinforced in comparison with " nedreduitsch taalkundig woordenboek 1799-1811 " (written by p weiland ) and other dictionaries , and " oranda jii " (dutch dictionary ) that collected about 50 ,000 words was published with revisions in 1855 .
    さらに1855年には『Nedreduitsch Taalkundig Woordenboek 1799-1811』(P Weiland著)など他の辞書を参照しつつ校訂?補強が加えられ、約50,000語を抽出した『和蘭字彙』(おらんだじい)が校訂刊行された。
  4. He was also excellent in sho (japanese flute ) that he learned from toyohara no tokimoto , and according to various records , on the occasion of gyoyu (music playing in the imperial court ) held in 1170 , he stood out for the number of the performances , which was far the most numerous in comparison with fujiwara no munetada who was in the second position .
  5. Subsequently , the terms used , such as ' kanga ' (chinese painting ) compared with ' waga ' (japanese painting ), or ' kara-e ' compared with ' waga ,' varied according to the era , however the trend to consider those paintings and techniques from the past as traditional japanese in comparison with the new styles imported from overseas has continued .


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