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  1. " genpei seisuiki " (the rise and decline of the minamoto and taira clans ) describes him as ' fair-faced and small , graceful and his manner is elegant ' but then continues the description , which is identically found in " heike monogatari ," saying ' he is certainly a citified folk in comparison with yoshinaka kiso , but not as refined as any of the lower-ranked vassals of the taira family .'
  2. There is a legend that he was sent to work at a cotton wholesale store (called kamedana , in comparison with the ueno store which was called tsurudana ) in edo tenma-cho , a branch of matsuzakaya ueno store , but because he had problems with a woman there (there is also a rumor that he was forced into a sexual relationship by the head clerk ) he returned to hino; however , due to the existence of the ninbetsu-cho described above , the reliability of such stories are now in doubt .
  3. Additionally , although the details of samurai residences are still not clear to this day , a typical residence consisted of the following up until the muromachi period: in one building or a building with annexes , various rooms , such as a tosaburai (tosamurai ), where samurai gathered , a shinden and taimen-jo (meeting place ), where the samurai spent their days , dei (idei ) as a guest room , kumonjo (office of administration ) and a living room , were placed with strong walls and moats surrounding the buildings , and the garden are was also smaller in comparison with shinden-zukuri style , matching the smaller-sized buildings , and a front garden with a chumon gate and entranceway was placed instead of the large garden typical of shinden-zukuri style , and inside courtyard was divided into smaller sections mainly for viewing .


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