in contemplation ofの例文


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  1. In contemplation of this fact, Bill plays the trombone in the park to see if he can find the answer to the riddle and also get taken, but nothing happens to him.
  2. "This is all very modern, because public policy in Georgia has been that a prenup is in contemplation of divorce, and that is against public policy, " he said.
  3. Gerald B . Lefcourt, a criminal defense lawyer in New York, said, " If brokers do end up in court, they usually get adjourned in contemplation of dismissal ."
  4. The rest of the scene continues ( available on Syfy . com and as a deleted scene on the DVD release ) and shows Gaeta and Dee staring at each other in contemplation of the idea.
  5. She then comes over the wall to show him a safe hiding place, but while hiding his bike he dallies in contemplation of Mic騦-and loses his chance to see the garden until years later.


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