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  1. "I'm not one of those writers who are caught up in contemplation of the navel, " she said from her home in New York.
  2. Whatever else you are doing in contemplation of America's birth this July Fourth, you will have to make do just a little bit longer without the Zapruder film.
  3. But whether we agreed to names or didn't agree to names, in contemplation of the deal overnight, we felt the White Sox deal was best for us.
  4. As bucolic and contemplative as those grounds were, though, most of my time outside was spent in contemplation of just one thing : my next visit to the dining room.
  5. Winding her way among thousands of tiny statuettes in an ancient hillside temple, Yuka Sugimoto finds the one she is seeking and lingers in contemplation of the secret act that brought her here.


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