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  1. I think you called off the air strike because jonas hodges is in possession of surfacetosurface missiles armed with the bioweapon , and he's threatening to use them in case you try to take action against him .
  2. If you are in possession of any information regarding the whereabouts of this individual , please communicate with your nearest office of police or office of the federal bureau of investigation .
    この人物に関し... 情報をお持ちの方は... 最寄りの警察か...
  3. After graduation , candidates must undergo training (internship scheme ) at shrines around the country and so it is vital that they have graduated even if in possession of the proper qualifications .
  4. Rinka-in temple - the hojo is in possession of a sliding screen landscape painting ' suiboku sansui zu ' created by tohaku hasegawa (important cultural property ) and sliding screen paintings by eigaku kano .
    隣華院- 方丈襖絵「水墨山水図」長谷川等伯筆(国の重要文化財)、狩野永岳筆襖絵を所有
  5. Thus , there are areas which can hardly be called to be in possession of danjiri , but places such as (north ) nagara and minami nagara in these areas view danjiri bayashi as an independent music .


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