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  1. From 1247 to 1257 , shigehira lived in kyoto and served the role of security in the capital city and for rokuhara tandai .
  2. They believed that ' people of other areas--be it edo or osaka--are rural people and there is nowhere else to live but in the capital city .'
  3. The latest reports from the democratic republic of congo , where the unclaimed assassination of the minister of mining has triggered violent confrontations in the capital city of kinshasa .
    「コンゴ民主共和国からのレポート」 「鉱石担当大臣の暗殺が 首都キンシャサで対立を誘発」
  4. Azuma-asobi began to be performed at kamo-sai festival from december 889 , and this meant the folk music and dance from the eastern provinces became a ritual performance in the capital city .
  5. In the capital city , nine streets running east to west and nine streets running north to south were arranged in the grid pattern; moreover , the width of each street was set to be nine times that of a rut (242 .4 centimeters ).'
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