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  1. The number is less than the approximate 15 ,192 of okubo station (kyoto prefecture ) and approximate 9 ,570 of ogura station (kyoto prefecture ) on the kintetsu kyoto line , which runs in the western part of uji city , and there is doubt as to whether it could be referred to as a representative station of uji city , but this station and keihan uji station do function as gateways for sightseeing in uji .
    宇治市西部を走る近畿日本鉄道近鉄京都線の大久保駅 (京都府)の約15,192人や、同小倉駅 (京都府)の約9,570人より少なく、宇治市の代表駅と言えるかは疑問であるが、宇治観光の玄関口としては当駅や京阪宇治駅が機能している。
  2. Incidentally , the word " kanto " in this case indicates the kamakura bakufu itself rather than the location of the provinces , (today , " kanto " specifies the central-eastern region of japan including tokyo , and kamakura , where the bakufu was also established ) therefore kanto gobunkoku meant not just the provinces located in the eastern region , but also the provinces located in the western part of japan under the ruling of the kamakura bakufu .
  3. The otsu line refers to two lines: keihan keishin line managed by the otsu railway business department of keihan electric railway connecting misasagi station in yamashina ward , kyoto city , kyoto prefecture and hamaotsu station in the central part of otsu city , shiga prefecture; and keihan ishiyama-sakamoto main line connecting sakamoto station (shiga prefecture ) in the western part of otsu city , shiga prefecture , and ishiyamadera station .
    大津線(おおつせん)とは、京阪電気鉄道大津鉄道事業部が管轄する京都府京都市山科区にある御陵駅と滋賀県大津市中心部にある浜大津駅とを結ぶ京阪京津線と、滋賀県大津市西部地域にある坂本駅 (滋賀県)と石山寺駅とを結ぶ京阪石山坂本線の2路線のことをいい、これらの総称である。
  4. There are several theories about the naming process of hidaka city; however , it was made by combining the initials of mt . hiwada and koma county and it has no relation with hidaka province of the southern part of hokkaido (or the origin of the provincial name , hitakami province ); the origin of the name of aki city in kochi prefecture lies in aki county , tosa province (kochi prefecture ) and it has no relation with aki province in the western part of hiroshima prefecture .
    埼玉県の日高市は諸説有るが日和田山と高麗郡の頭文字を取ったもので北海道南部の日高国(或いは、その国名の由来となった日高見国)とは関係せず、高知県の安芸市は土佐国安芸郡 (高知県)が由来であり広島県西部の安芸国とは関係しない。
  5. The point where the yodo-gawa river flows into kyoto basin is at the lowest altitude in that basin and the uji-gawa river , the only river originating from lake biwa , formed an enormous drainage basin covering the area from the vicinity of byodoin temple , where that river runs into kyoto basin and upstreams of the points where the uji-gawa river meets kizu-gawa river (kyoto prefecture ) in the western part of kyoto basin and the katsura-gawa river (yodo-gawa river system ).
    淀川が京都盆地に流れ込むところは、京都盆地の中でも最も低いところに位置しており、琵琶湖から流れ出る唯一の河川である宇治川は、京都盆地へ流入する平等院付近から、京都盆地の西端にあった木津川 (京都府)、桂川 (淀川水系)との合流点の上流側にかけて広大な遊水池を形成していた。


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