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  1. Han bills were especially common in the western part of japan where silver coins were also circulated .
  2. Chugoku tandai or saigoku tandai (local commissioner in chugoku and saigoku , located in the western part of the main island of japan )
  3. These castles were used in the western part of france and also built all over england after the normal conquest .
  4. There is aeon takanohara shopping center around kintetsu takanohara station which is located in the western part of the former kizu-cho .
    町域西部 近鉄高の原駅周辺にイオン高の原ショッピングセンター。
  5. The name is said to have originated in hokusetsu , osaka , or in the western part of tokyo metropolis , but its exact birthplace is unknown .


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