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  1. Shitaji chubun was implemented mainly in the western part of japan from the mid-kamakura period to the period of northern and southern courts (japan ).
    鎌倉時代中期から南北朝時代 (日本)までを中心に、主に西日本で見られた。
  2. The town names of the flat lands in the western part of higashiyama ward are not prefixed by broader district names , but uses individual town names .
  3. These territories were located in the western part of japan , and many gokenin moved to the forfeited territories in western japan as new jito .
  4. In the western part of the city , many people use hashimoto station , rinkandenentoshi station of the nankai koya line located in hashimoto city , wakayama prefecture .
  5. To prevent such a situation from prevailing , it was necessary for the edo bakufu to establish diplomatic relations with korea ahead of daimyo in the western part of japan .


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