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  1. In contrast to the keishin line , the keihan ishiyama-sakamoto main line is a nostalgic one on which a vehicle consisting of two cars runs along the lakeside of lake biwa , as well as residential areas and downtown in the western part of otsu city , shiga prefecture facing a river area of the seta-gawa river .
  2. This is an interesting business custom when talking about the monetary economy system in the edo period , together with the eisen-kanjo (a calculational procedure using eiraku-tsuho [bronze coins struck in the ming dynasty ] as a fictional unit ) in bitchu province and senme-satsu in the northern part of kyushu and in the western part of shikoku .
  3. The typical areas where kosa is generated are the following three areas , listed from the in order from the most western , the takla makan desert (located in the western part of china ), the gobi desert (located in the northern part of china and the southern part of mongolia ) and the loess plateau (located in the central part of china ).
  4. For the town names in higashiyama ward , those towns that belonged to the former chogumi (town society ) of shimogyo in the western part of higashiyama ward use individual town names , while those located in the eastern and southern part of higashiyama ward use complex town names that are prefixed by the district names such as old village names .
  5. Obtaining the position of jinin (associates of shinto shrines ) at kitano-sha shrine (present kitano tenman-gu shrine ), the kojiya formed a guild called ' koji-za ' and had exclusive rights to produce and sell koji malt in the western part of kyoto backed by the authority of kitano-sha shrine (honjo (proprietor or guarantor of manor )) .


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