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  1. To prevent such a situation from prevailing , it was necessary for the edo bakufu to establish diplomatic relations with korea ahead of daimyo in the western part of japan .
  2. This station is a key junction of traffic in the western part of nara prefecture as the wakayama line , the kintetsu ikoma line and the kintetsu tawaramoto line concentrate here .
  3. Ki no narimori (year of birth and death unknown ) was an influential warrior in the western part of hoki province (nishi hoki ) from the end of the heian period to the kamakura period .
  4. The shin clan was a local ruling family who was influential in the western part of hoki province (west hoki ) from the period of the northern and southern courts (japan ) to the muromachi period .
    進氏(しんし)は南北朝時代 (日本)から室町時代にかけて伯耆国西部(西伯耆)に勢力を持っていた国人。
  5. A spur line existed from the pre-wwii to post-wwii days between this station and the kohata branch plant of the defunct imperial japanese army uji powder plant , located in the western part of kohata .


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