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  1. In 1732 , rice price had a sharp rise in edo due to poor harvest in the western part of japan by locust plague , therefore double amount of rice was shipped from sendai domain compared to an average year .
  2. The akari-shoji made at the time of reconstruction of daishi-do hall in the western part of to-ji temple (to-ji sai-in ) in 1380 during the period of the northern and southern courts is said to be the oldest akari-shoji .
    南北朝時代 (日本)期康歴二年(1380年)の東寺西院大師堂の再建当時のものとされている明障子が、最古の明障子と言われている。
  3. Mikkabi mikan gives the impression that it is planted in the western part of shizuoka prefecture where ex-mikkabi-cho existed , however , it is also grown in the middle and eastern part and thus the entire shizuoka prefecture .
  4. As the sake brewing industry later developed rapidly in the nada area (a coastal area in the western part of settsu province ), rice grown in the territory of sanda domain and its surroundings was also used for brewing sake .
  5. Maizuru port , which faces the japan sea and is located in the western part of the wakasa bay within maizuru bay , is known as a suitable port , due to its formation as an inlet off the open sea and is less subject to weather conditions .


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