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  1. After genko (mongol invasion attempt against japan ), a movement to exchange ichienchi (land under ichien shihai ) in kyushu owned by the lords of shoen and those in the western part of japan owned by jito became active because of the need to defend the coast .
  2. However , with the increase of ashigaru and the emergence of its military strategy against cavalry , rushing at the enemy ' s position on foot by dismounting from the horse became common first in the western part of japan , and later throughout the country .
  3. In the fifteenth century , there existed a japanese settlement called sanpo in the southern part of the korean peninsula , and major forces in the western part of japan such as the so clan maintained amicable relations with the korean dynasty using sanpo as their base .
  4. However , they attempted to bring the wako pirates under their control and also secured the cooperation from the forces in the western part of japan in exchange for amicable relations; additionally , they even converted the wako pirates themselves into peace coordinators .
  5. At a place called ' akabe ' in hirose-gun county (koryo-cho , kitakatsuragi-gun , nara prefecture ) at the eastern foot of umami hill in the western part of the nara basin , there is ' ako tomb ,' which is regarded as the tomb of tochi no himemiko .


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