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  1. The tosa ichijo clan was an influential family and a branch of gosekke , which was the northern house of the fujiwara clan , and ruled hata district in the western part of tosa (what is now the area around shimanto city ) during the sengoku period (period of the warring states ).
    戦国時代 (日本)、土佐西部の幡多郡(現四万十市一帯)に勢力を誇っていた土佐一条氏は、藤原北家五摂家の流れを汲む名門であった。
  2. There are the voices that say , with earthquakes occurring often in the western part of the us , the shinkansen system , which have measures against earthquakes since the start of its operation , would be advantageous compared with the high-speed railway system of other nations .
  3. Another measure , which was seen mainly in the western part of japan where jito came from the eastern part of japan were placed higher than local kaihatsu-ryoshu or myoshu (owner of rice field ), was shitaji chubun by which jito and the lord of shoen divided the land equally .
  4. In nakagyo ward , town names in most of the eastern half of nakagyo ward are independent town names , while those in the western part of nakagyo ward are prefixed by the place names from before the municipal merger such as ' jurakumawari ,' ' nishinokyo ' and ' mibu .'
  5. Unique forms of tejime are also performed in the western part of tama district in tokyo in western kanto region (former nishitama district ), western saitama prefecture (former iruma , chichibu , hiki , and kodama districts ), and western gunma prefecture (former tano and kanra districts ).


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