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  1. If we invest in trust
  2. Kyoto hotel was given the management of ' shiga kogen onsen hotel ' in trust by nagano prefecture .
  3. My powers will pass to maximus ... to hold in trust ... until the senate is ready to rule once more .
    私の力はマクシムスに渡す... 信頼で保持するために... 上院はもう一度を支配する準備ができるまで。
  4. As a consequence , harutomi , technically bestowed the certificate of full mastership , which ryoryosai left in trust with harutomi , on kyukosai (the 10th head of the school ), who followed in the footsteps of ryoryosai at a young age .
  5. The tendency was strong , especially in the eastern regions , and movement aiming at pushing out the power that was a nuisance to zaichokanjin such as mokudai in kokuga or azukaridokoko (management position in trust ) in shoen , would lead to the establishment of the kamakura bakufu (japanese feudal government headed by a shogun ).
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