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  1. The heko obi is a kind of men ' s obi (sash ) used in wearing wafuku (japanese traditional clothes ).
  2. For the example in wearing of a vassal , the use of rokui no kurodo (chamberlain of sixth rank ) is the representative .
  3. No nightclub would allow her in wearing exercise gear , let alone one as pretentious as hurrikane with a k .
    ランニングシャツでナイトクラブは 入れない ケタミンの取り引きで もったいぶったハリケーンなら なおさらだ
  4. Two men broke in wearing masks , forced her to drive to the car park and decked her out in enough explosives to take down a house .
    マスク姿の2人組の男が 無理矢理駐車場へ 家を解体できるほどの 爆薬を付けてだ
  5. If the gunman had come in wearing a mask , the bouncer would've had more than enough time to subdue him , or sound an alarm .
    犯人がマスクをつけて入って来てなら 用心棒が犯人を取り押さえたり アラームを鳴らすのに 十分な時間があっただろう


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