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  1. However , he had the authority to execute the proceedings to convey and implement the orders of the emperor (in this case , inclusive of the retired emperor and imperial prince ) ( ' keikai-naigai , junchoku-shiko ' ) in place of daijokan and chumusho (ministry of central affairs ).
  2. The term " ossho " means the lords of shoen (manor in medieval japan ) were exempted from and allowed to collect zatsueki (a kind tax under the ritsuryo system ) (sometimes inclusive of the portion of kanmotsu (tribute goods -supposed to be paid to kokuga (provincial government offices ) as well as the land of such shoen .
  3. Eki no ashiyu footbath , which uses hot water taken from arashiyama hot spring , is in operation on the platform situated between tracks 1 and 2 , and people who ' ve bought tickets (150 yen inclusive of towel , or 100 yen for those holding one-day open tickets for arashiyama ) can use it regardless of whether they use the railway or not .
    1番線と2番線の間にあるホームには嵐山温泉の湯をひいた「駅の足湯」が設けられており、鉄道を利用する?しないに関係なく、利用券(150円?タオルつき。嵐電1日フリーきっぷ所持者は100円。) を購入すれば利用できる。
  4. After yoshimitsu , however , only four of the ashikaga shogun were appointed to genji choja , namely yoshimochi ashikaga , yoshinori ashikaga , yoshimasa ashikaga and yoshitane ashikaga , and the total number was five persons inclusive of yoshihisa ashikaga , who was de facto choja (he served as the betto of both junnain and shogakuin . some people asserts that he served as genji-choja as well ).
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