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  1. Associate and supplier, Byrne Bros India Rubber, at their Manor Rubber Mills, Aston Cross, had moved from making tyre and tube components to complete inner tubes and covers.
  2. || Converted in the 1880s to India Rubber Works as it remained until 1989 before being split up into industrial units under the banner of Phoenix Industrial Estate.
  3. In 1904 two men arrived at their mission from a village attacked by'sentries'of the Anglo-Belgian India Rubber Company ( ABIR ) after failing to provide the required rubber quota.
  4. About this time it occurred to Mr . Chaffee that much of the trouble that they had experienced in working India rubber might come from the solvent that was used.
  5. These would sit on the bottom of the lock and be raised using winches, held in place by an inflated india rubber bag at the top, and latches at the sides.


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