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  1. His compound at this time consisted of India rubber, lampblack, and magnesia, the whole dissolved in turpentine and spread upon the flannel cloth which served as the lining for the shoes.
  2. Listening to Wooden outline his activities, you wonder how he can maintain such a blistering pace, which, at his age, is akin to the exploits of the " India Rubber Man ."
  3. The silk was stretched taut over a wooden frame and coated with India rubber, and the oil colours applied to it were'old', i . e . had been standing around for a while.
  4. Harder to spot is the former Victoria India Rubber Mills ( just north of Balfour Street ) of which only the front building remains, with a fine but broken ornate cast iron gate.
  5. Upon further trial with heat, he was further convinced of the correctness of this inference, by finding that the India rubber could not be melted in boiling sulfur at any heat, but always charred.


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