india rubberの例文


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  1. Wooden pontoons and India rubber bag pontoons shaped like a torpedo proved impractical until the development of cotton-canvas covered pontoons, which required more maintenance but were lightweight and easier to work with and transport.
  2. In the same year the " India Rubber, Gutta Percha and Telegraph Works Company " manufactured and laid a cable between Manila and Shanghai using CS " Silvertown " and CS " Store Nordiske ".
  3. In 1910, a public company was incorporated to acquire Slazenger and Sons, " manufacturers of sports equipment, india rubber, gutta percha and waterproof goods, leather merchants and dealers ", which floated on the stock market.
  4. Daniel Vrooman and his wife Elizabeth Clemens ( 1826 1854 ) came to Guangzhou ( then photographs in magic lanterns, the standard American methods of rice cleaning, and the use of india rubber in printing presses.
  5. The sailing ship was bound from Batavia to Amsterdam with a cargo of tobacco, sugar, coffee, India rubber, gall-nuts, gum damar and tin when she was wrecked at Strandfontein near Muizenberg, South Africa, on 15 July 1862.


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