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  1. Shortly after his return, he obtained commissions as agent for the Royal Mail ships and agent for an English mining company, shipping large quantities of India rubber, Brazil wood, hides, cedar, rosewood, coffee, indigo, and other products.
  2. Manufacturers espoused the wonders and benefits of different materials ( including various hardwoods, India rubber, and even glass ), insulated castors, and various attachments meant to " charge " the devices or insulate the user from malevolent spirits.
  3. In 1840, the English scientist Thomas Hancock designed inflatable craft using his new methods of rubber vulcanization and described his achievements in " The Origin and Progress of India Rubber Manufacture in England " published a few years later.
  4. Some of the earlier ones those originally used on the Stanhope and Tyne Railway were of india rubber solution, a material found to swell and become soft in wet weather, and therefore unfitted to stand the friction on the inclines.
  5. Deitch regularly contributed comical, psychedelia-tinged comic strips ( featuring the flower child " Sunshine Girl " and " The India Rubber Man " ) to New York City's premier underground newspaper, the " East Village Other ", beginning in 1967.


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