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  1. Gabriel recorded his vocals at Island Studios, where the album was mixed over a series of shifts as the band struggled to complete the album in time of its November 1974 release date.
  2. When the band decided to use the song as a B-side for Everybody's Changing, they went into the old Island Studios in St Peter s Square to record vocals and real drums.
  3. Waller left the band shortly before they went in to Island Studios, to record the follow-up album " Anvil Chorus ", in January 1975, which was produced by Andy Johns.
  4. Tricky finished his duet version of " Milk " in New York's Platinum Island Studios; Garbage completed their own guitar-led version of " Milk " in Madison during a break in their world tour.
  5. While performing in " Girl Crazy " by night, she filmed " Young Man of Manhattan " in the daylight hours at Paramount's Long Island studio, playing second female lead to Claudette Colbert.


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