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  1. The Clare Island Survey involved not only Irish but also several European scientists who were all looking at different aspect's of the island's natural history.
  2. Scharff was one of the main organisers and contributors to the Clare Island Survey, He was a vocal proponent of the land-bridge hypothesis of animal migration.
  3. Colgan's interest in vernacular and Irish language names for various plants and animals was reflected in his other work into jellyfish, starfish and periwinkles and his contribution to the Clare Island Survey.
  4. Based on their work a survey was undertaken by the Royal Irish Academy headed by Edward T . Browne of University College London in 1895 and 1896, a precursor to the Clare Island Survey.
  5. Under the guidance of Robert Francis Scharff, Selbie worked on crustacea and myriapoda, most notably on the specimens from the Fisheries cruiser the " Helga " and the Clare Island Survey.


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