jan van breda kolffの例文


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  1. Pepperdine's Jan van Breda Kolff, in his coaching debut with the Waves after six seasons at Vanderbilt, empathized with Morgan.
  2. Pepperdine is looking for a replacement for Jan van Breda Kolff, who left Sunday after two years for the St . Bonaventure job.
  3. So when Westphal took over for former Waves coach Jan van Breda Kolff, Arnold convinced his new boss to give Miggins a chance.
  4. Westphal, 50, will take over the program from Jan van Breda Kolff, who last week became coach at St . Bonaventure.
  5. Coach Jan van Breda Kolff was criticized by some for sticking with the zone too long in a 73-57 loss to Kentucky on Saturday.


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