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  1. He notes that no known period journal accounts or contemporary eyewitness diaries describe Lord Howe's remains being carried away from the battlefield and placed on a barge.
  2. According to a Wall Street Journal account last year, the 35-year-old firm makes more than half of the 30 billion foam cups sold annually in the United States.
  3. Shedwick's journal account of the accident differs in one significant detail from the versions given by the mother, Marie Boyer, and by a Valdez newspaper article that ran five years later.
  4. Woodruff learned to fly fish in England, and his 1847 journal account of his fishing in the East Fork River is the earliest known account of fly fishing west of the Mississippi River.
  5. Another Providence Journal account of an exhumation said South County residents says they learned the practice from their ancestors, writes Bell, which " hints at a longstanding oral tradition for the vampire practice ."


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