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  1. The portion of the journal account that is of main interest begins in the second of the seven journals, on the night of 12 November 1913; journal entries continue over several following years and fill the next six notebooks.
  2. In a journal account of that period, Marcus Jacoby wrote : " I sat down and wrote out a detailed plan of how I was going to get through these last two games, including my political and motivational moves.
  3. When Johnson could get no support in Congress, he allegedly had the Army " lose " some supplies ( including rifles ) " near " ( across ) the border with Mexico, according to U . S . General Philip Sheridan's journal account.
  4. He said that in all the reports that picked up The Journal account, " I never heard or read the word ` rumor .'Apparently reporters and editors, who generally pride themselves on their careful use of language, just can't bring themselves to attach this word to their accounts.
  5. Stevens was a professional member of the Anacreontic Society and it is through his journal accounts that we know that John Stafford Smith wrote their club song " The Anacreontic Song ", which, considerably altered and with new words, is now the national anthem of the USA, " The Star Spangled Banner ".


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