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  1. In septembre 2009, Matthieu Bonduelle, the general secretary of the " Syndicat de la magistrature " ( the first syndicat of juges ) has declared that ?nobody has pronounced himself in aid of a global filing, but, in fact, it is being done . ?
  2. Les 閏hiquiers avaient 間alement quelque rapport avec les assises en ce sens que l appel des premiers juges 閠ait port??l 閏hiquier, qui d閏idait, tant au civil qu au criminel, en dernier ressort, c est-?dire que les jugements de ce tribunal 閠aient sans appel.
  3. At the end of the 17th century, there were two " juges-gardes " in the " Mint of Pau " of which marc of gold and silver coins sent back to the foundry to be remelted and minted a second time ( as a result of quality issues ).
  4. The Freischoeffen also provided the subject for Berlioz's unfinished opera " Les francs-juges ", the overture to which provided the signature tune for " Face to Face ", the well-known early series of British television interviews, conducted by the Rt Hon John Freeman MBE.
  5. In England's first printed book, William Caxton's " Game and Playe of the Chesse " the chessmen now known as bishops are described instead as Alphyns, representing judges : " The Alphyns ought to be made and formed in manere of Juges syttynge in a chayer wyth a book open to fore their eyen ."


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