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  1. In accordance with that committee's report of 1867, the Crocodile, Euphrates, Jumna, Malabar, and Serapis were constructed as troop-ships to convey troops to and from India.
  2. This form was brought to Agra by Babur and by the time of Shah Jahan, gardens of this type, as well as the more traditional charbagh, lined both sides of the Jumna river.
  3. It isn't long before Jumna's professional wanderings take him back to the village of his birth, where he must square off against his outlaw brother in a showdown between duty and family.
  4. In June 1867, he joined the " Jumna ", in the transport service to India, and his two years or more in this command marked the limit of his active naval employment.
  5. The "'Jumna "', named after a tributary of the Ganges in northern India, was a 1, 048 ton iron sailing ship built for the Nourse Line, by Sunderland in 1867.


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