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  1. The first column stormed through the breach in the Kashmir Bastion and the second through that in the Water Bastion, by the Jumna River, however this was not without difficulty as most of the scaling ladders were broken before they could be emplaced.
  2. The Marathas occupied a strong position with the Jumna in their rear, and Lake, feigning a retreat, drew them from their lines, and then turning upon them drove them with the bayonet into the river, inflicting more losses upon them.
  3. The adult Ganga ( Dilip Kumar ) is a spirited and hardworking fellow, unafraid to take on the zamindar when necessary, while his brother Jumna ( Anwar Hussain ) gets his revenge by trumping up a robbery charge against Ganga, landing him in prison.
  4. Vrindavan's appeal to widows over the centuries has rested on the belief that Krishna, the most human incarnation of the universal Hindu god Vishnu, played along the banks of the Jumna River here as a boy and teased girls as they bathed in it.
  5. In 1961, the release of Dilip Kumar's " Ganga Jumna " saw her playing a rustic village belle Dhanno who speaks Prince " with few critically acclaimed films such as " Hatey Bazarey " and " Sunghursh ".


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