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  1. After the unification of Korea by Silla, Tenmu decided to break diplomatic relations with the Tang dynasty of China, evidently in order to keep on good terms with Silla.
  2. Recently, however, he has helped the government keep on good terms with the IMF, which ordered a strict curb on public spending, and approved a number of state sell-offs.
  3. Lamberton attended negotiations in 1309 as an " English " envoy, and his skill as a diplomat helped him to keep on good terms with both Edward and Robert.
  4. Rare as it was to keep on good terms with adversaries in those days, Tyrie won praise from such men as David Buchanan, both for his ability and for his courtesy.
  5. She once recalled, " I had . . . quite a lot of trouble with ( the Empress ) and found it very difficult to keep on good terms with her ."


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