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  1. She once recalled, " I had . . . quite a lot of trouble with ( the Empress ) and found it very difficult to keep on good terms with her ."
  2. Depending on the nature and extent of American unilateralism, it may not always be feasible for Britain to keep on good terms with the United States and its continental partners at the same time.
  3. Far from the " pax Britannica " style policing of the 1840s and 1850s, early efforts to suppress the Slave Trade were often ineffectual due to a desire to keep on good terms with other European powers.
  4. While in Georgia John married Genoese document dated November 8, 1427 orders the consul at Caffa in the Crimea to keep on good terms with the Emperor of Trebizond for news of John arriving at Caffa had reached Genoa.
  5. The ruling Popular Party, looking to keep on good terms with its partners from the region of Catalonia, is set to sanction one of its top members for describing Catalan nationalism as a " tumor, " party members said Wednesday.


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