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  1. The ruling Popular Party, looking to keep on good terms with its partners from the region of Catalonia, is set to oust one of its top members for describing Catalan nationalism as a " tumor, " party members said Wednesday.
  2. However, the apology was criticized at a Maori council meeting at Motatau, in the Far North, over the weekend, with some elders claiming it was signed by " Maori government lackeys " who wanted to keep on good terms with Bolger.
  3. It makes sense for Russia to keep on good terms with neighboring China, but that country's hopes for a rejectionist front against America's missile-defense plans have fallen through _ leading it, perhaps, to seek better relations with the Bush administration too.
  4. In the booming spare parts industry, says one leading parts importer, it's essential to keep on good terms with organized crime, know how to revamp a stolen car and pass it off as a newer model, and be ready to pay off officials.


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