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  1. The corpse was leaning against a vending machine , and it had a new can of beer left in the delivery bin .
    遺体は 酒の自販機に 寄りかかってて
  2. When it was slow , she would lean against the counter , doing her crossword puzzles , uh , but kind of hiding it .
    ある時 暇な時間に 彼女がこっそり― クロスワードを解いていた
  3. However , in gassho-zukuri , materials from both sides lean against each other in the shape of the chinese character 人 cross at the ridgepoles .
  4. When he visited yoshitsune again after waiting for a day or two , he was permitted to meet him but yoshitsune was leaning against his armrest in a debilitated condition and told kagesue he was unable to kill yukiie until he was recovered .


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