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  1. The front of two-yen notes issued by the national bank in august 1873 had an image of yoshisada nitta presenting a sword at inamuragasaki on the right-hand side and an image of takanori kojima writing the verse on the cherry tree with indian ink on the left-hand side .
    明治6年(1873年)8月発行の国立銀行 (日本)紙幣2円券の表面には、右側に稲村ヶ崎で太刀を奉じる新田義貞が、左側に桜の木に詩を墨書する児島高徳が描かれている。
  2. As kanji (a chinese character used in japanese writing ) for " fundoshi " consists of a radical " 衣 " ( " koromo " meaning " vesture " ) on the left-hand side and " 軍 " ( " gun " meaning " military " ) on the right-hand side , a fundoshi loincloth traces back to battle dresses .
  3. In this contest , the poets of the heian period (from ono no komachi through sagami ) were deployed on the left-hand side and the poets of the beginning of the medieval period (from imperial princess shokushi through sohekimon-in no shosho ) were deployed on the right-hand side , and then three poems were selected per poet to have them compete against each other .
  4. The reason behind iesada ' s name change was because successive edo bakufu shoguns (ietsuna [家綱 ] tokugawa , tsunayoshi [綱吉 ] tokugawa , ietsugu [家継 ] tokugawa , and ieharu [家治 ] tokugawa ) whose names were formed with hen (the left-hand side [radical ] of a chinese character ) were childless (a biological child ) or even these shoguns with biological children had died young .
  5. The center as a river , the stage is divided into kamite (the right-hand side as seen from audience seats ) as the mansion of daihanji on mt . se , the world of man , and shimote (the left-hand side as seen from audience seats ) as the mansion of sadaka on mt . imo , the world of woman , and also joruri players on the musicians ' stage are divided into kamite and shimote .


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