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  1. There are a few old longhouse sites at these areas such as Long Ampan Aing ( to the western ear, Ampan Aing in Kenyah enunciation sounded like Abanang or Ampan Ayng, hence Sungai Abanang or Abanine ), Long Bora ( Sungai Bora ), Long Taa, Ka Laeh, Lolau Mabo and Lidung Jelo.
  2. You will easily notice a variety of local fruit trees along the Plieran river bank with the most common being local fruit such as durian, rambutan, pulasan, bamboo, terap, langsat,'eman','nanga'or sago palm ( Eugeissona utilis ),'mali'and'bua'alim'( wild mango ) when you take a boat ride from Plieran bridge at Long Ampan Aing, Long Bora, Long Taa, Ka Laeh to Lidung Jelo ( upstream ).


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