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  1. The new parish priest in M黮lenbach in 1972, succeeding to the post after Father Peter van Iersel s death, was Konrad Flatau, born in Heilsberg, East Prussia ( now Lidzbark WarmiDski, Poland ); he served until the next year when he was succeeded by Wilhelm Freytag, born in Ankum.
  2. Under the reach of this RTCN a north-western part "'Masovian Voivodeship "'and an eastern part Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, are including such cities as : Sierpc, PBock, Lipno, Rypin, WBocBawek, ToruD, Ciechan體, Brodnica, or DziaBdowo, Lidzbark WarmiDski and MBawa.
  3. The quartet received prestigious prizes like the Grand Prix of the XVIII Festival of Satire and Comedy in Lidzbark; " Pingwin z brazu " ( the Bronze Penguin )-the prize given by the cabaret community of Zielona Gora, an informal capitol of Polish cabaret and two GOLDEN TROUGHS at the RYJEK Festival in Rybnik / Poland.


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