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  1. In July, the Teutonic army started an offensive, attacking Masovia, Warmia and Aom | a territories, laying siege to Lidzbark WarmiDski.
  2. He was saved and fled to Lidzbark WarmiDski, where he lived with the local executioner, named Mueller, who taught him this profession.
  3. In April of the same year, young Voivode of PoznaD, StanisBaw LeszczyDski, met with King Charles XII of Sweden in Lidzbark WarmiDski.
  4. The town, as Lidzbark WarmiDski, was gradually resettled by Poles, many of them from the parts of eastern Poland annexed by the Soviet Union.
  5. In 1274 the Knights made a great expedition to avenge this raid, capturing the rebel headquarters at Heilsberg ( Lidzbark WarmiDski ) and ending the uprising.


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