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  1. With the stroke of a pen, Axmark freed himself from the anonymity, the misunderstandings and the tired jokes that lie in store for the millions of people with " sen " names in Denmark.
  2. Game also has been featured in TV programs, such as " Bez Vinta " on Gameland TV . Other remarks center upon the game's unfinished nature, as well as hope for what may lie in store for the future.
  3. United's steps toward a pension termination are being closely watched, not only by the airline's own employees and retirees, but by workers at other airlines and other sectors of the economy, who fear a similar fate may one day lie in store for them.
  4. A July 17 piece in " The Huffington Post " said that the case " captured the public imagination in China because it exemplifies broader systemic issues . " Feng's case had been cited by both pro-life and pro-choice advocates in the United States in support of their causes; for pro-life advocates, the case represented " the kind of'federally endorsed'abortions that they fear may lie in store for the United States, " while for pro-choice advocates, " [ Feng ] should have been granted a choice in the first place ."


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