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  1. But a year after an event that shattered the lives of so many people in so many different ways, the Internet's main contribution may lie in the way disparate groups are using it to weave together a different kind of memorial in a seemingly endless digital construction process.
  2. Parsons found that the real reason behind this case of misrepresentation lied in the way Bendix tended to conceive the question of systematic theorizing under the concept of " reductionism . " Parsons further found that Bendix approach suffered from a " conspicuous hostility " toward the idea of evolution.
  3. Despite the fact that there are now more than 30 vaccine candidates in clinical trials ( in the world ), and three of these are in advance stage testing ( phase IIb and phase III ), many obstacles still lie in the way of the development of a truly effective HIV preventive vaccine.
  4. Still, as it has unfolded here, the Flagstaff initiative has illustrated the formidable hurdles that may yet lie in the way of a plan that has yet to satisfy fully either side in a bitter debate and would require that a formula be found to make possible the harvest of unprecedented quantities of low-quality wood.


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