lie in waitの例文


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  1. The incident began when yohei learned that a wealthy man from aizuwakamatsu city was taking her to nozaki , and , out of spite , went to the road to lay in wait for them .
  2. The ' koyo chinbutai ' army unit planned to take over (occupy ) kofu-jo castle then would able to lie in wait to attack the ' expeditionary force to the east ' from the castles ' advantage .
  3. 60 ,000 soldiers marched from kyoto as the troop aiming at subjugation of takauji; the troop was headed by yoshisada nitta; enshin lay in wait for the soldiers at shirahata-jo castle in akamatsu , harima province (kamigori town , ako county , hyogo prefecture ).
  4. On one occasion nagai ' s steward sanemori prevailed upon the warrior priests , explaining his predicament: after this the yogawa priests lay in wait in the vicinity of ryugegoe , whereupon the warrior priests fired a barrage of arrows at them .
  5. On the same day battle of yao/wakae took place , in which 6 ,000 soldiers of shigenari kimura and 5 ,300 soldiers of morichika chosokabe and moritsugu mashita lay in wait for tokugawa main army of 120 ,000 soldiers that was moving toward osaka-jo castle from kawachiji .


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