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  1. The flaw, according to Bach, lies in the program code for a Microsoft software technology called Object Linking and Embedding _ known as OLE and pronounced " oh-LAY " _ that is intended to help programmers integrate various software components and programs.
  2. Use of Microsoft Object Linking and Embedding ( OLE ) objects limits the interoperability, because these objects are not widely supported in programs for viewing or editing files ( e . g . embedding of other files inside the file, such as tables or charts from a spreadsheet application in a text document or presentation file ).
  3. However, to make up for that, this book goes beyond the normal scope of HTML to cover interactive forms and common gateway interface ( CGI ) scripts written in Perl and visual basic language, using and maintaining a Web server, object linking and embedding ( OLE ), Web security, on-line commerce, networks, Java and a lot more.
  4. Object linking and embedding allows home-video clips, audio clips or documents from a word processor to be placed so that when a word or picture is clicked on, the linked object will appear on the screen . ( OLE is used in linking the green words in a Windows help screen to other screens of text, for instance .)
  5. In an effort to develop technology that would enable computers to communicate across networks, a numbering system called a Universally Unique Identifier, or UUID, was established as part of a software standard known as the Distributed Computing Environment, or DCE . Microsoft relied on this standard when it developed a remote computing capability for Windows known as Object Linking and Embedding, or OLE.


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