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  1. Article 1 specified that the purpose of fuken-kai was " to set the expense budget needed , based on local taxes , as well as the method for its collection ."
  2. The agenda specified receipt of financial results (article 6 ), budget , local taxes collection (article 1 ) as well as issues to be handled with the local taxes (article 5 ).
  3. The last record on the history of the estate of shimogamo-jinja shrine was made in 1547 describing nagamoto jinbo encouraging people in neighboring provinces to pay local taxes for god .
    下鴨社領の歴史は、天文 (日本)16年(1547年)に神保長職が近隣国人へ神用年貢の納入を督励したことが最後の記録となる。
  4. In the riso-fumyo system , undertakers including rich people and influential farmers in local areas , who had come to be called fumyo (a local tax manager ), were appointed to the officials for collecting taxes .
  5. The local tax regulations were defined as tax items (items of taxation ) prefectures can collect and expense items paid by the tax revenue during japanese meiji and taisho periods .


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