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  1. More specifically , it refers to the following three laws: gunkuchoson henseiho (the law for reorganization of counties , wards , towns and villages ), fukenkai kisoku (the rules for prefectural assemblies ) and chihozei kisoku (the rules for local taxes ).
  2. Prefectural governors were to follow the decisions made by fuken-kai regarding issues on local taxes , but if they thought they should not approve the decisions , they reported it to the minister of interior and asked for supervision .
  3. The measures taken by the sotoku-fu included the land registry readjustment , issuing of public bonds , formulation of standard currency and weights and measures systems as well as financial reforms by introducing monopoly system and local tax system .
  4. Under the local tax regulations , different rules were set on prefectures newly created as a type of regional national offices after haihan-chiken (abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures ), and on towns and villages with autonomy since edo period .
  5. Although fujiwara no motonaga had been often regarded as a greedy zuryo , some suggest that motonaga only observed strictly the policy of kazan shinsei (new laws issued by emperor kazan ) under the new local tax system emperor kazan actively introduced immediately after his enthronement .


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