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  1. Local tax was to be collected via land (within one- fifth ), sales , miscellaneous and individual assets tax (article 1 ), it was specified for each town and village as ' revenue of each town and village and district is left to negotiations among residents and local tax will not be used to support it ' (article 3 ), indicating the lack of need for the local tax .
  2. In the meantime , due to the three local new laws established in 1878 , gun-ku-cho-son heniseiho (an act for the reorganization of counties , wards , towns and villages ), fukenkai kisoku (the rules of prefectural assembly ) as well as chihozei kisoku (the rules of local tax ), fuken started having two characters , its new character as an autonomous body and its original character as a government regional office in the local area .
  3. People who directly took hold and control of people in the local society instead , were those in the wealthy class and the powerful farmer class who grew from the younger people of class of former gunji and native kokushi and so on , and came to conduct a large-scale farmland management in the qualifications of tato (a field manager ) or fumyo (a local tax manager ), and they came to be controlled by zuryo who was a head of kokushi transferred to the locale .
  4. To apply , it is necessary to download a prescribed form of return , " declaration on the application of special provisions concerning the beginning , suspension , and conclusion of mixture ," from the website of the national tax agency (application and notification forms= > liquor tax related forms= > 38 . declaration on the application of special provisions concerning the beginning , suspension , and conclusion of mixture ) and to mail or take it to the local tax office .
  5. This realized to systematize prefectural tax and residential tax , which had been organized via elimination of miscellaneous taxes (the 612nd rule of dajokan in september 22 , 1868 ), classification of national tax and prefectural tax (the 23rd rule of dajokan in march 13 , 1868 ) in 1875 starting from the edict of dajokan (the 140th rule of dajokan in september 8 , 1875 ) in 1868 which set that ' tax laws in various districts shall follow old practices ,' as local tax .


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