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  1. Eleonora was buried with the full pomp and honours usually accorded a member of the Medici family in the Medici Chapel ( the family mausoleum ) at the Basilica di San Lorenzo.
  2. The ANSA news agency said 13 statues in Florence were veiled, including Canova's " Venus " and Michelangelo's " Night " at the Medici Chapels.
  3. In 1524 Ferrucci was commissioned to execute a relief of the Madonna and child for the monument to Antonio grotteschi decoration and masks, including trophies, for the Medici Chapel, San Lorenzo.
  4. The tabernacle motif contains an open area, or niche, from which a standing female figure protrudes toward the viewer : a motif deriving from Vasari's Michelangelesque studies of the Medici Chapel.
  5. Compared by some to the Medici Chapel, it had survived the war completely intact but was demolished for ideological reasons by the communist government due to it being a hall of honour for the Hohenzollern dynasty.


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