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  1. The team of pathologists, archaeologists and historians is planning to exhume the bodies of 49 Medicis to study what they ate, what illnesses they suffered and a host of other information that was buried along with them in great marble crypts underneath the Medici Chapel in Florence.
  2. Starting in July, the scientists will exhume 49 bodies buried in the Medici Chapel and conduct a series of tests on them, taking DNA samples from hair and bones, CAT scans and X-rays of intact mummies, and samples from whatever soft tissues remain.
  3. On his passionate pilgrimage to Florence, Rodin was especially taken by the imposing Medici Chapel, and Michelangelo's brooding tomb figure of Lorenzo de Medici was one of his sources for " The Thinker . " ( Another was Michelangelo's painted head of Jeremiah for the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel .)
  4. For most artists some commitment to realism was necessary in a portrait; few could take the high-handed approach of Michelangelo, who largely ignored the actual appearance of the Medici in his Medici Chapel sculptures, supposedly saying that in a thousand years no one would know the difference ( a retort Gainsborough is also said to have used, with a shorter timeframe ).
  5. Shortly thereafter, according to Vasari, Raffaello began work in Florence with Michelangelo, at the Medici Chapel ( Sagrestia Nuova ) of the Basilica di San Lorenzo, where he created " San Damiano " ( c . 1534 ) . " St . Cosmas " is also attributed to him, together with Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli, another assistant to Michelangelo.


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