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  1. Geologic publications have suggested that the Snowy Pass Supergroup at the peak is significantly older than, and unrelated to, the orogeny of the surrounding Medicine Bow mountains.
  2. In addition to the discovery locality, it has been reported from the Stillwater igneous complex in Montana and the New Rambler copper nickel mine in the Medicine Bow Mountains of Wyoming.
  3. It rises in several short forks that descend from the southwest edge of the Medicine Bow Mountains near Walden and approximately 2 mi ( 3 km ) downstream from the mouth of the Michigan.
  4. The Medicine Bow Mountain Bike Patrol, part of the Laramie Bicycling Network, is a non-profit volunteer organization that works with the Forest Service to patrol and maintain biking trails east of Laramie.
  5. The Bighorn Mountains, the Black Hills, and the Medicine Bow Mountains are popular tipi pole harvesting areas for Native Americans living on Plains Indians reservations in North and South Dakota, and immigrant tipi enthusiasts.


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