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  1. The Cheyenne belt, the 1.78 1.74 billion year old suture between the Wyoming craton and the Yavapai province that formed as North America was assembled, is exposed in the Medicine Bow Mountains.
  2. Mesoproterozoic ( ~ 1.4 Ga ) anorthosite and syenites of the Laramie Anorthosite Complex and granite ( ilmenite-bearing Sherman Granite ) intrude into rocks of the Colorado orogen in the Laramie and adjacent Medicine Bow Mountains.
  3. U . S . Route 287 carries traffic from Fort Collins, Colorado into Laramie, Wyoming through a pass between the Laramie Mountains and the Medicine Bow Mountains, merges with US 30 and I-80 until it reaches Rawlins, where it continues north, passing Lander.
  4. As the Union Pacific Railroad was pushing west to link up with the Central Pacific Railroad, as part of the First Transcontinental Railroad, they sent logging crews into the Snowy Range, in the Medicine Bow Mountains, to cut down timber ( mainly Lodgepole Pine ) for railroad ties.
  5. Set in a treeless landscape defined by barbed wire fences, grazing cattle and a busy freight railroad line, Laramie is a town where pickup trucks outnumber sport utility vehicles, where fall entertainment revolves around this Saturday's homecoming football game and the start of the hunting season in the nearby Medicine Bow mountains.


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