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  1. In an effort to show it is cooperating, Iraq's National Monitoring Directorate, which provides escorts for the inspectors, has been issuing daily statements on the inspectors'activities.
  2. The replies have invariably been that the individual will only speak at Iraq's monitoring directorate or, at any rate, in the presence of an Iraqi official.
  3. The plant's managers reported their action to the Iraqi monitoring directorate, he said, because there were no U . N . inspectors in Iraq after December 1998.
  4. In Washington, the White House downplayed the importance of the session, noting that Abdel-Hassan works for the Iraqi monitoring directorate which is responsible for dealing with inspectors.
  5. They were met by an Iraqi delegation led by Gen . Hosam Amin, head of the national monitoring directorate, set up as a counterpart to the inspection team.


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