monitoring directorateの例文


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  1. In practice, the highway chase is part of a grim game of cat-and-mouse, because the men of the monitoring directorate are there to watch the inspectors like hawks.
  2. Two women inspectors entered " amid surprised faces of the residents of the house " and got approval, the agency said, quoting Gen . Amin of the monitoring directorate.
  3. Meanwhile, 11 teams of U . N . inspectors searched 24 sites in Iraq on Saturday, reported the head of the National Monitoring Directorate, Gen . Hussam Mohammed Amin.
  4. The Iraqi News Agency quoted the National Monitoring Directorate, which provides Iraqi escorts for the inspectors, as saying that missile, chemical and biological teams were at work on Sunday.
  5. Maj . Gen . Hussam Mohammed Amin, head of the National Monitoring Directorate, the agency that prepares Iraq's declarations, said the report would be completed and delivered on Saturday.


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